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Tile Installation

For centuries, tiles have been used to adorn residential and commercial spaces. From gorgeous backsplashes to modern showers and outdoor patios, tiles offer a unique opportunity for innovative design inspired by the old world.

The tiling specialists at B&G Home Improvement Inc. have been designing and installing beautiful tiling for interiors and exteriors for years. Our team of tiling contractors are highly experienced and have the skills and knowledge to bring your tiling dreams to fruition.

For affordable, reliable, and stunning tile installation, get in touch with B&G Home Improvement Inc. at (919) 224-7615.

Bringing You Customized Tile Installation

At B&G Home Improvement Inc., we are committed to bringing our clients comprehensive customer service and personalized results. To bring you the best possible care, we always begin by conducting a consultation at your home or business property.

The consultation process will allow us to survey your space and get an idea of how you want to incorporate the tiles. We will also discuss the best materials for your unique project.

Once we have an idea of your vision, we will measure your space to come up with a detailed estimate, outlining the cost of the installation and timeline.

Ready to get started? Call and set up an appointment today!

Tile Installation Services with Our Experts

From kitchens to bathrooms to offices and everything in between, tiles are found throughout commercial and residential spaces. With a variety of styles, colors, and textures to choose from, there is a tiling option to meet every style and budget.

Kitchen Tile Installations

From colorful backsplashes and stylish countertops to flooring and kitchens, tiles are a match made in heaven.

Bathroom Tile Installations

Tiling for bathrooms is another go-to. Consider tiling for your shower, flooring, or sink.

Decorative Tiles

Aside from flooring, tiles are used to decorate a myriad of commercial and residential spaces, from staircases to fireplaces and so much more.

Outdoor Tiles

Tiles are also trendy for outdoor remodeling projects. Tiles can be used to build patios, line ponds, and ornament exterior walls.

Seamless Tile Installation Services

B&G Home Improvement Inc. has been working in the tiling industry for years. We deliver results that are highly customized, and we strive for absolute perfection in our installation process.

We achieve seamless results by:

  • Conducting accurate measurements
  • Using only the highest quality tiles
  • Using only the best installation techniques
  • Installing each piece with close attention to detail

No other tiling company can promise such impressive results. Join our dozens of other happy customers, and call to set up a consultation today.

The Best Local Tiling

Over the years, B&G Home Improvement Inc. has built a reputation for excellence. Every day, we strive to uphold that reputation as one of the most trusted and talented tile installation companies in the area.

If you are looking for an affordable and effective way to reinvigorate your home or business space, consider high-quality tile installation.

To set up a comprehensive consultation with our talented contractors, get in touch with B&G Home Improvement Inc. by calling (919) 224-7615 now.

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