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Moisture Solutions

B&G Home Improvement Inc. is the home contractor you need in your corner when you find water, mold, and mildew where it shouldn’t be. Our company provides a full spectrum of cost-effective moisture prevention systems and moisture removal solutions.

Speak with our staff directly at (919) 224-7615 to learn more.

Residential Moisture Solutions

Our residential contracting crew has been around for a long time. We’ve remedied flooded basements. We’ve restored damaged drywall. We’ve waterproofed garage floors. We’ve done it all. If you’re worried about excess moisture in any shape or form, we’re the team to call for a budget-friendly solution.

We’re a fully licensed, insured, and bonded company bent on executing a higher caliber of moisture control services. We consistently surpass building codes and industry standards to deliver moisture-free living spaces.

Wave your water woes goodbye—we’re the moisture control experts upon whom you can rely.

Moisture Control in the Home

There are many proven avenues of preventing excess moisture from building up in your home. Moisture, mold, and mildew grow rapidly in spaces that are dark, warm, and damp. Therefore, the key to effective moisture control, in a nutshell, is keeping all surfaces well-lit, cool, and dry.

Some examples of the resources that our contractors draw from to build moisture-free homes include:

  • Sound insulation
  • Leak-proof sealing
  • Proper ventilation

If you’re upgrading your home with minor improvements or major renovations, don’t forget to consider your moisture control plan. Feel free to drop us a line and discuss your project with us.

How Do I Prevent Moisture in My Home?

Consult with our Residential Contractors

Water and moisture pose a threat to any home improvement endeavor. While moisture control may not be the first thing on your radar when planning a home remodel, it should be an essential consideration for your home’s long-term outlook—that is, if you don’t want to discover rot and mold within your walls a few years post-remodel.

Why not consult with our home contractors? We offer all prospective customers no-obligation project evaluations. Whether you need a whole home addition structured and sealed or a single patch of drywall removed and replaced, we’ll consult with you to deliver a customized action plan.

Our contractors are specialists in the local industry. We’ll discuss all your options for water control, air control, vapor control, and thermal control with you. With our crew in charge, not a single water droplet will find its way into your space.

Once we’ve acquainted ourselves with your project’s particular specifications, we’ll offer you a proposal of our services—full cost breakdown included.

The Best Mold and Mildew Removal Services in Durham

Mold...just the mention of the word makes most homeowners shudder. Mold is unattractive, grows rapidly, and can have harmful effects on a person’s respiratory system. If you’ve noticed mold growing in your home, it is important that you bring in a professional mold remediation company as soon as you possibly can. This is not a job you want to tackle on your own. Mold can be especially difficult to remove from drywall, and in most cases the infected portions will need to be removed and replaced. Partnering with a professional mold remediation company will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your drywall is completely mold free.

Durham’s mold remediation experts

Here at B&G Home Improvement Inc., we are Durham’s preferred choice for drywall mold remediation. We have extensive mold and mildew removal experience and are committed to providing homeowners and business owners with the best mold removal services. Whatever mold problem you’re facing, we can help. We can remove the mold-affected areas and replace them to make your walls look as good as new.

Your choice for mold and mildew removal in Durham

Drywall is particularly susceptible to mold growth. This is because drywall is a porous material. Add moisture and poor ventilation and you have the perfect recipe for mold. Bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms, and kitchens are the most the commonly affected rooms in a home, but mold can grow anywhere where these conditions are present. Roof leaks and flooding can also lead to mold growth if not properly and immediately dealt with.

Mold problems?

If you have any concerns about the health hazards associated with mold, give us a call or send us an email. We are more than happy to answer your questions. Be sure to ask us about our mold-resistant drywall options.

Moisture Control-Minded Construction

Moisture control is a fundamental element of home construction for the comfort, performance, and longevity of the building and, most importantly, the well-being of its occupants. B&G Home Improvement Inc. is proud to be your local specialist in all things moisture control-related. From the attic to the basement, our home contractors can get rid of water where it shouldn’t be and prevent water from entering where you don’t want it to be.

To discuss the moisture control measures you can take in your home, please give our staff a call.

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